How to update from file all scripts at once?

I may use dozens of scripts, or duplicates of the same script, from file, in multiple programs and HALion instances.

Whenever I make a change to the external script files, I have to find all the related Lua Script modules and reset from file one by one.
This is not very efficient and very time consuming, as I may have hundreds of scripts to update each time.

Why doesn’t HALion automatically reload all the scripts from file ?

Is there an option somewhere to do so, or at least manually with one click for each instance of HALion ?
Did I miss something ?

I don’t think there is a central or automatic way to do this.

This probably has to do with the scripts having to be re-initialised and error checked by the script module.

This is a big handicap as one can very well use the same script file dozens or hundreds of times in different programs and HALion instances.
If only the combined mode display of Modules worked as intended with Lua Script it would be ok, but it doesn’t.

In my opinion when a preset is loaded, HALion should check for all the scripts loaded from external files and propose to update if there is any change in the source file. Or there should be at least a button to update them all manually.
This is precisely the whole point of pointing the Lua Script Modules to external files.

To update all script modules that reference the same script from disk, you have to reload the programs or the whole project. All MIDI modules that use your script will update. Loading times might be an issue then. I suggest that you develop your script in a smaller environment. This will reduce loading times and it has the advantage that you have more oversight.



Oh actually it does! You’re right! I was sure of the opposite.
Problem solved.
Thank you Matthias.

I have lots of small scripts, mainly executing “notes operations”, that will load in numerous programs. I didn’t notice any longer loading times so far.
But I have another question about performance of those scripts that I will probably raise in another thread.

You’re welcome!

With “loading times” I ment loading of samples and not the script. It seams, your programs are small enough so they load fast.

Good to hear that this is solved.



That’s what I understood, no impact on the loading time of the whole programs (samples) (~3 GB each).
I try to keep my scripts as short and simple as possible, 20-50 lines, maybe that’s why.