How to Update Groove Agent 5 SE?

I have Cubase 10.5 (Mac) with Groove Agent SE 5.0.20. How to update Groove Agent SE to 5.0.40? The Steinberg Download Assistant only shows Groove Agent 5.0.40 (not SE).
By the way: In my opinion, Steinberg Download Assistant is an extremely user-unfriendly piece of software.

I think it’s in the Cubase 11 sections as a separate download.


Thanks, man. That was it! This confirms my bad impression of Steinberg Download Assistant.
There are two VSTi included in Cubase 10.5 that just got updates. One can be found in the Download Assistant under VST Instruments & Plugins, the other under Cubase 11 - wooh…!

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yep - quite a mess of inconsistency and absolutely no intelligence about what you currently have and therefore can/should update.