How to upgrade Cubase le 1 to Element 9.5

Hi, I’m new in this forum,
I have problem with the my element 9.5 upgrade purchase. is it still possible to upgrade from cubase le 1 to element 9.5, and if can’t, can i change my purchase to full version element 9.5 with extra payment?


Hi and welcome,

Yes, it’s possible here. On the left side, select Upgrade from Cubase LE, AI, Essential or Sequel option.

Hi Martin

Thanks for your response, but I already purchase that. but I have another problem when I input the activation code in e licenser they need the old activation code but I just have serial number of the Cubase le which is only 10 character and the new activation code 32 character.
and I already try to register it in my steinberg account the notification is " check your entry ".
Can you help me or anyone can help me?

The upgrade is from Cubase LE4 or higher and you wrote you have LE1?


Are you sure? I would expect it’s written on the web page then.


Serial Number of your old Cubase LE1 is not an Activation Code. You have to get the Activation Code first. Follow for example these instructions.

Of course it is.

But this is when you upgrade to Cubase Pro. steven_hj wants to upgrade to Cubase Elements.

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Ahh yes…would help if I read the post properly. Apologies for confusing the issue.

Hi everyone, I really appreciated with the help.
it seems the information on the Steinberg make confuse because the information only upgrade from Cubase le etc, because after i input the activation code the notification for element 9.5 like the pic i attach.

and i already try video about activation and registration but look different with the current websites just like pic below.

The activation for the upgrade can only work if you already have the LE license on that computer and I can see in the elicenser there is no license.

So if you have used LE before and it was activated on another computer you need to use the process of reactivation for Cubase LE.

Dear all, thank you for your help but i already try all your sugestion but still can not so i decide to refund