How to upgrade from 8.5 to 9

I really got in a hassle when I updated Cubase 8 to 8.5. Had to reinstall all the plugins and do everything all over from scratch again. Is there a way to just update it to 9 and keep the vst instruments and effects intact ?

Just install alongside 8.5,it should carry all your settings etc over,at least mine did and has done with every upgrade I’ve ever done.

what do you mean “alongside 8.5” ? you mean to install it in the same directory as 8.5 ? Or just some other directory in the same folder ? (I’m using PC)

Just install 9 it will create it’s own directory,you will have both 8.5 and 9,all settings will be carried over to 9,you can then uninstall 8.5 if you wish.

Oh ok, I don’t remember that being the case when I updated from 8 to 8.5 but I’ll try it one more time. Thanks :slight_smile:

or do you mean to do a full cubase 9 install and not just update ? Cause I have here both the full installation and the update from 8.5 to 9

I just used the update.
Just a thought,make sure you start cubase 9 and let it open before you uninstall 8.5 so that it does copy all your settings,I usually keep both for a while.

I installed the update installer first. That ~1gb file. It installed cubase in a seperate directory, but after installation Halion SE and Padshop where missing. I had to reinstall with the full installer to get them back.

That’s odd,mine went well with no problems at all.

I just updated from 8.5 to 9 without losing all my vsts and effects and settings. Hurraaaay ! :mrgreen:

Very good. :slight_smile: