How to upgrade from C6 to 6.5??

I must be missing something I guess. Looking to get the upgrade to go from Cubase 6 to 6.5. I have the regular Cubase (not LE or AI). When I go to the Steinberg store to buy it I see multiple “Update” packages available but none that got from 6 to 6.5.

There’s an update to go from Cubase 4/5 to 6.5, Studio 4/5, Cubase essential or elements and various flavors of Cubase LE and AI but nothing from Cubase 6.

What am I missing here? Is it not possible to update from Cubase 6 to 6.5???

Any help appreciated.

The update is no longer avalable since Cubase 7 was announced last week, with the accompanying grace period for people having updated after 25 October.

Yep, that update is gone for good unfortunately :frowning:
Main reason is that that update would apply for a grace update to 7.

It´s no longer available, because of the grace period update to C 7.

Annoying isn’t it?! i also wanted to go from 6.0.7 to 6.5 for the extra comping tools to help some new projects I’m doing. In short the definitive answer from SB is no! Go and buy C7 :imp: I had the following reply from Steinberg:

"The Cubase 6 to Cubase 6.5 Update is discontinued.
Sorry, but that is the fact.

We can not help you in this case in any way, the Cubase 6-Cubase 6.5 will not come back.

Thank you for your understanding!"

The really irratating part is that users of older Cubase versions are still able to updtae onto C6.5 (i.e. thte current version) yet us users on 6.0.x (i.e more recent customers) cannot do so!? crazy… we’ve been dropped!

and I don’t buy the argument of “Main reason is that that update would apply for a grace update to 7”, since a simple clause/bit of admin or code from SB could prevent people trying to circumvent any upgrade policy… pulling the update means that people like me who were going to pay 49 euros for the comping tools are now have to pay 199 euros for those features, only avaiable in C7.

RE: pricing structure itself: interestingly during the Grace period C4 users can purchase 6.5 and subsequently get a free upgrade to C7 for £162. That’s the same price as C6.0.7 users have to pay on the 5th Dec!*

  • albeit from which date C4 users will pay more.

So what does that mean?
is C.6.0 now in the same category upgradewise as 5.5/4.5?
I think I saw 5.5/4.5 grouped together?
What is the status if you want to update from Cubase Artist 6.0 to Cubase Artist 7.0?

The status is, that you - like anyone else - has to wait until Cubase Artist 7 is released, before you - or anyone else- can upgrade to it.

Naw, I have C6.5 full version! :sunglasses:

But people I know won’t ever come close to use all the crap in there, so they settled with Artist 6.0.
I thought it would be easy to figure out a price for that one as well since the upgrade of most other versions seems to have price tags by now.
But of course, it was stupid of me to try to help my friends. Silly me … :blush:

From the announcement sticky on top of the Cubase 7 forum (Helge):
“Update prices will be 149 and 199 euros from Cubase 6.5 / Cubase 6 to Cubase 7, respectively, and 99 and 149 euros from Cubase Artist 6.5 / Cubase Artist 6 to Cubase Artist 7, respectively. These prices include German VAT.”

pling and thanx! :wink:

And for this particular reason I’m QUIT with Cubase for good! I hate greed! Steinberg politic is ridiculous starting with the product boxed versions instead of both download and boxed as other guys do offer. And now this remarkable direct reply from steinberg customer support “We Can’t help you in anyway blah, blah…” Bravo steinberg! Nothing more to say. Thanks again.