How to upgrade to N5???

Can anyone tell me how to upgrade from N4 to N5? I don’t have much time do do this, and need to act soon.

I just went to the Steinberg website to determine cost and process for upgrading N4 to N5, and was stunned by how RIDICULOUS the webiste is!!! There is an “Upgrade Tool” which, after entering info into two fields saying that I have N4 and want to upgrade to N5, tells me I need the “N4 to N5” update (duh)… but offers no further instructions on how to purchase that.

There is also an Upgrade sectiopn for Nuendo, which goes on and on about the NEK, but again offers no insight about how to upgrade.

Ever since I have been re-visitng Steinberg’s Nuendo websites in the past ferw months, I am stunned by how unclear everything is (even with broken links to the old, now closed forum).

Is this Yamaha’s mess, or what?

I’m not sure what the problem is.
Shop / Nuendo 5 =
Click Upgrade and add to cart.

Unless you live in a country where you need to purchase through a local dealer network.
In that case, you just need to contact them.


Hi Fredo,

Good to see you are still around!

I am staring at that webpage feeling like a have “refridgerator blindness”. There is no “upgrade” link to click. In fact, there is no information at all about what to do, except below, in a box, it says “Buy N5 at a local distributor”. Does that mean I only have that option?

FYI - I originally purchased N3 long ago from Steinberg Canada. But I also live in the US, and am currently on assignment in Taiwan. I can not recall who I purchased N4 from.

Do I need to go through Canada again, since that was where I first purchased? Or can I upgrade through a dealer in Taiwan or the US?

I think it mostly depends on the shipping address.
See the list of dealers and contacts.