How to upload Dorico PDFs online

Hi all!

I’ve recently composed an orchestral piece and I wanted to upload its pdf online but I don’t know how to! I’ve tried to upload using scribd but it makes the barlines super big and dark which completely covers all the notes. (Here is the link: )

Can someone help me?

This is really strange. It’s not supposed to resize the primitives as it does here. The staff lines should be what they are in your pdf document. How did you produce it ? Did you use the graphic export>PDF in Print mode (right panel) ? It is the best route. Any other can give strange results…

If I download the PDF, it appears normally on Preview and Acrobat. So it may be a Scribd issue. However, you did use the MacOS PDF-generation, rather than Dorico’s own.

Also, isn’t Scribd a bit dodgy? I notice someone’s uploaded some of my music on there… :unamused:

I did use Dorico’s print mode to produce the pdf. Can it be that Scribd isn’t really reliable?

Scribd is the Napster of PDFs.

Can you confirm that you used Dorico’s Graphics export mode, not the System Dialogs > Print dialog?

Oh that clears up a lot! I was using the system dialogue to make my PDF. Thank you so much!

So, is it a free/share site with materials uploaded without permission? Given that Napster eventually went legal/mainstream, I want to make sure I am understanding you. Not arguing - genuinely curious.

Pretty much, yes. There’s plenty of legit material, but far more illegal stuff.

Well, I wrote “right panel”. :frowning:

Sigh… But that’s the way things are in the digital world.

Thanks, Dan, for clearing that up.

I filled in a DMCA take-down form (which they have to hand) for several PDFs of mine that had been uploaded onto Scribd.

Got an email back in 2 days (from Debbie, who rejoices in the title of ‘Abuse and Privacy Specialist’), saying they’ve removed them all.