How to Use 2 laylas 20 bits with Cubase 6

I’m having problems to connect my 2 laylas 20 bits with cubase 6 using the clock sync, I hook up one of my
layla-1 clock out to the clock in of the second layla-2 then I select the ASIO ECHO WDM driver form the device set up in Cubase 6 and finally I go to Devices, Vst connections and tried to Select my 20 in and out puts of my two laylas, suddenly when I activate the in or outs of my layla-2 there is no more sound on my cubase, I can only use my ins and outs of my layla-1. I want to use all my outs from layla-1 and layla-2 at the same time because I have a mackie 24x8 mixer.
I already check both laylas separately and they are both working perfectly. One more thing I already select the my Layla-1 as the master internal Out Super Clock and my Layla-2 as my Slave In Super clock from the echo console version 6.11 beta.
Any help will be very appreciated?
Check this video so you can see the problem

As far as I know, you can’t use two ASIO devices at the same time.

The driver needs to support multi cards for it to work, maybe give ASIO4ALL a go?

Oh that make sense I’ll will try ASIO4ALL drivers I let you know what happens thanks for replying.

Layla driver should support multiple cards. At least it did back in '99 according to manual.

As far as I know, you can’t use two ASIO devices at the same time.

You can, as long as they use the same driver.
I had two Layla 3G’s running alongside perfectly for years…

I’d contact ECHO support. They’ve been very helpful with issues I had in the past.

I tried to get support from echo but they no longer give support for this interface.
I tried using ASIO4ALL DRIVERS but I get the same error I cant use both interfaces see the picture. This is very frustrating.

Do you have the possibility to select another than WDM e.g. “Asio Echo PCI” driver

I’m quite sure, this is the key here!

This are the only drivers I have on my devices.

I wish I had my good old Layla here so I could check this out … but unfortunately I’ve borrowed it to my friend.