How to use a different pad group than group 3, from a midi controller

i believe the ask is quite simple: i want to be able to switch between different pad groups when using my external midi controller (arturia mkII). as of now, whatever i do, GA always switches to pad group 3 as soon i hit any of the external pad buttons.
seems i am missing something more complex that i need to put in place before i can do this? but some crude googling and watching of a handful of youtubes didnt get me any closer to a solution so far…
hope you guys can point me the right direction?

Hey there,
Not sure if you’re still having this problem but the solution I found to something similar (triggering multiple samples with one pad and just basic pad routing etc) was to turn on the ‘use hardware mapping’ switch (yellow is on) located near the bottom right pad. Once you’ve turned this on, it unlocks the ability to assign trigger notes and other pad settings. This doesn’t completely align with your question but it’s something I’d give a shot because once I had done this, I haven’t had any problems in that space.

This is just a guess, but i suspect your arturia pads are set (in the hardware of the unit) to C1 to C3 or there abouts. Whenever you press a pad cubase simply carries out the instruction sent by the controller via MIDI. Im not sure if your arturia comes with some controller management software like the Maschine hardware does but this is most likely what you need. You need to create ‘pages’ on your device so you can switch up banks such as Bank A (Pads 1 - 16), Bank B (Pads 17 - 24) etc.

If you can’t do this directly on your arturia then you’re in luck becuase you can do it with the MIDI control editor inside cubase although, you will also have to map another key(s) to switch up and down pages which is a little bit of a pain. Hope this helps.

thx for looking into this! being a recreational user only, i only get to play with the toys once or twice a week… but i will definitely check out the midi control editor! have been avoidin that ugly underbelly of cubase so far, but i agree, i might have to dig in there… switch up/down, i’ll check if something slaps me in da face :wink:
thx again!