how to use another VST pluin?

Hi, I´m realy happy with the halion piano sound. It´s not bad.
But I´ve also the VSL Boesendorfer and some other nice Piano VST´s.
But no idea, how I can load it as palyer into Dorico, instead of halion.
Thanks for your help, Joerg

Outside VST/VST2 Players need to be added to the Dorico Whitelist.
See Ulf’s post in…

If it’s the VSL Bösendorfer, then presumably you will in fact load it using a VSL instrument of some kind, most (if not all) of which are VST3 compatible, so don’t need to be whitelisted.

Take a look at this video for a bit more help.

Thanks for Your help. Now I got it running. With Vienna Ensemble Pro!
And their I can load every VST what I´ve.