How to use articulations with HALion4 outside Cubase ?

I like to use the articulations of some midi instruments of HALion 4 in a composer what is connected with HALion 4
How to do this ? ( no expressionmap use like in Cubase is possible, because there is no Cubase to use )
I must try to assign the keyswitch keys in HALion4 to a controller ?
When i record in the Composer i can choose for a particulair articulated sound
How about the Key Switch remote module …using this…

I do have a nanoPAD2 controller …can i assign the triggerpads to the keyswitch keys in HALion4 ?
What CC number…

Key switches are note on/off based. If you assign a note to the pad, h4 will work.

As i understand it well: a note triggers a pad …and a pad triggers a keyswitch
But the keyswitch must be hold on for a while and than i have both hands free to play on the keyboard

No, a pad triggers a note ON message. How the keyswitch handles the message is totally configurable. The pad can sometimes be set to alternate on/off messages so that you can turn keyswitch on/off. Keyswitchs can be set to stay on until another switch is sent. So, the process is very very configurable and has a lot to do with which library and controller you are using.

Yes the behaviour of the keyswicth ( i remember me ) is crucial.
Problem is ido have a composer and i can use also CC there, but i don’t have experience with recording live keyswithes
In Cubase with the expressionmaps it is editing mode.
I use HALion 4 with the articulated sounds (xxl ) and if it is workable …i use the VSt symphonic sounds too

So how to setup with my nanopad 2 controller HALion 4 that it trigger the keyswitch keys with their choosen behaviour?
Example : a present choosen articulation chances only if i activate a new one ?
I do need a midi key switch remote module / CC mapper module ? and assign these midi modules to a program bus ?