How to use Arturia KeyLab 49 with Cubase 7.5?

Hey guys,

I just got my new Arturia KeyLab 49 midi controller keyboard and everything works fine with the stand alone versions of th V-Collection plugins incl. AnalogLab.

But when using the KeyLab 49 within Cubase 7.5 all mappings of the pre-configured knobs and fader assignments from Arturia available in the stand alone versions of the plugins are gone.

What is the best practice to use the KeyLab 49 in Cubase 7.5? Is it necessary to configure a generic midi controller and programm each knob and fader individually? Or is there a smarter way to use this midi controller?

Thank you very much for your hints and tips!


“me too” :frowning:
actually I just ordered the controller and haven’t begun using it, but I’m trying to pre-prep by tracking down controller mappings etc … anyone had luck with the pair (Cubase 7.5 + keylab)?

Hi, for the Transport Window Functions do the following :

that works for Keylab 49 - 88 :

Open in Cubase Transport > Project Synchronization Setup > Machine Control Input section
Click “MMC Slave Active”
In MIDI TimeCode Source Section and select your Keylab Keyboard
MMC input : ALL MIDI Input
MMC Device ID : 127

Thats all

All other Cubase functions you can generate with the Generic Midi Device Manager



Thanks ! I was looking everywhere for this. Is working with Cubase 8 Pro and Keylab 88.

Thanks very much.

Hi Ruedi,

I cant set my MMC Device ID not to 127 it it goes up to 126 and than to all

Hi, and how do you manage to control the mixer?

Hmm i did all the same but doesn’t work here… What does the mmc output have to be? :confused: