how to use audio editor to fix timing errors (without warp)

How to drag parts in the audio editor without using Warp.

I want to use the snap points created by Hitpoints, but don’t want the audio to sound warped in the process.

Arrange Editor is not fine enough detail either, and I prefer the hitpoint system in AE.

Hi Beerbong, or should I say high? :smiley:

If you are editing percussive material, with defined and separate notes like a beat loop, a bassline or something similar, I think this can be a way:

After you detect the hitpoints the way you want, you can use the “create audio slices” function to cut the audio event in separate pieces according to the hitpoints. Cubase will automatically group the slices in an “audio part” and return to the project window.

To edit/move/quantize the slices, use the arrow tool and double click the fresh “audio part” that was created. You will see all the different slices organized in the audio part editor and you can edit them the way you want. And you still have a single audio event in the timeline, at the project window.

This also works if you create hitpoints manually, without using the threshold slider. The only thing to consider is that when you move slices away from each other or closer, on top of each other, you will have gaps or cuts, since you are not filling the gaps with timestretch. Cuts can be fixed using crossfades, gaps will be gaps!

Hope this helps!

Ok thanks I’ll try that.

Well it would be nice to just be able to hold a modifier key while in warp mode to keep the current slice ‘intact’. But that’s is just a another wish…

Yea that’s very easy to edit. I can’t believe I didn’t try that earlier. :laughing:

Nice! Glad it worked for you!