How to use bezier curves with midi CCs

Neither did I. Thanks to Greg. I wonder if he lays awake at night just thinking of Cubase work-arounds?

Now I have a use for Extract Midi Automation

Saw that too, found it interesting. I’v’e been waiting a long time for Steinberg to implement Bezier curves for MIDI CC data editing. But doesn’t MIDI Automation (as opposed to Key Editor CC editing) make the data not migrate with the MIDI part if you move it?

I wish this was how Midi editing worked by default within Cubase without having to extract the Midi through a menu. For example if you recorded CC1 or CC11 in a midi event and you open the Automation lane the Midi CC that you recorded shows up in lanes like in the video without having to go through the whole extraction process. Also if you have an existing Midi event that you import from another file and has Midi CC information it would also just be read in the Automation lane.

To expand upon this further it would be even cooler if the Automation lanes would have their own editor Window like a Midi Editor Window with the ability to use bezier curves and other tools with the look of the Automation lanes.

You can record the CCs in automation lanes in the project work area to begin with.

What? You can? On an Instrument Track.

How do you do this and does that data also get stored within the Midi Event?

Did you watch the video ?
Goto 4m10s in the video and watch again.

Oh whoops I missed that part. Thought it needed to be extracted first :smiley:

One thing he doesn’t mention is how to get the CC data back into an editable form in the Key Editor CC lanes. This can be done using Merge MIDI in Loop.

Thanks for mentioning this Steve. I was wondering about that.

Thanks, a fully working work around. :slight_smile:

I hope next update will bring curves to MIDI CC’s.

+1 (TY)


Using automation this way for pitchbend isn’t working like this for multi-timbral instruments (track/rack). I’m trying the automate pitchbend with Omnisphere 2.5 for example. I found automation numbers under the instrument lane. I could configure them for receiving pitchbend on the Omnisphere side. But that would seperate the information from my midi track (multi-timbral :wink:). Midi transformer works, but has poor resolution. Any suggestions?

How hard would it be for STeinberg to add pitchbend automation lanes to all tracks?

I’ve been hoping for Pitchbend and Aftertouch in the automation lanes for a long long time…


c’mon guys. Post in FR. This is not the place.

+1… I can’t believe there even needs to be a ‘workaround’ for this!

This. Madness it hasn’t been implemented yet.

I’m closing this since there are now bezier curves in the CC lanes, and this workaround is no longer necessary. (What Greg does in the video still works too)