How to use Cubase documentation more efficiently?

Cubase Pro noob here . . . I’m trying to use the documentation more efficiently so I don’t have to flood the forum with so many questions, so I’m seeking suggestions of how to find stuff.

I want to associate a track with a MIDI channel and then I want to associate a color with that channel so I can map colors to channels in the Key Editor. So taking the first part - associating a track with a MIDI channel - I tried the following Google string:

  * cubase pro  operation manual "midi channels" tracks*

Which produced thousands of hits but nothing looked obviously useful. I also tried looking in the manual itself with “tracks MIDI” in the search bar and got 776 pages, which is way too many to look through.

When I loosened up the Google search by eliminating Cubase Pro I got a hit on . . .
…that looked promising but it referred to an Output Routing popup that I don’t see on mine.

Obviously once you learn the product you get better ideas how to look stuff up, but when you’re a noob, how do you find where things are documented?

You should browse the section titles of the manual here: Operation Manual (

Use the search there also, not a web search engine. You were looking at the version 9 manual, as you will see if you observe the url.

You will do better not using the manual as a reference at this point, but take some time reading to get a feel for the ‘gestalt’ of the program.

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I noticed that but I couldn’t find an equivalent topic for version 11. I tried replacing v9 with V11 and got a 404 error

And yes, I looked at the section titles but there didn’t seem to be any way to do a search just within one chapter. Is there one?

I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to assign a MIDI channel to a track (I finally got it, pretty much by accident by just clicking stuff, but how could I have found that quickly in the manual?),

Now I want to assign colors to MIDI channels so when I’m editing multiple instruments at the same time in the Key Editor they’ll all be different colors so I’m trying to find where that’s set. And after this I want to export my project so each instrument is exported in a separate MIDI channel. All this stuff is probably in the manual somewhere but it takes a long time to find so I want to get more efficient at it.


I was searching for the “Track color” string in the help. One of the first result looked quite promising ( Colorizing Single Tracks), and I got this page, which is the one.

Then I was searching for the string “Exporting MIDI” and I got this result, which is the one. Down on the page you can find the link to the Export options dialog, which might be also useful.