How to use Cubase & trial?

I recently upgraded from Cubase 6.5 Artist to Cubase 7 Artist and with the activation code was some trial codes as well, one being for Cubase 7. I would like to try the Cubase 7 trial but I cannot seem to find a D/L for the trial version.

Could someone explain to me how to use the trial?


Post deleted - bad info :blush:

Ehhh Scab Pickens… The OP has clearly written he has updated from Cubase 6.5 ARTIST to Cubase 7 ARTIST. I think you misread it…

Now - to Jetflow…

I have the full version, but the older Artist 6.5 (and 6.0) versions could be used as full versions during the trial period. If you have installed Cubase 7 Artist (and everything works just like the older versions), you can just use the trial code to “unlock” the full version features.

As far as I know the Artist and full version are exactly the same software. The difference is that the Artist licence “locks” some parts of the software that is unlocked in the full version - that’s all. That’s the reason the “upgrade” for older versions (6.0 and 6.5) just consisted as a downloadable upgrade code (as far as I know) - and nothing more (unless you opted for a boxed version). You could download the full installer, but (again - as far as I know) you did not really needed.

Same happened for the Padshop Pro update. All I got was just the “unlock” code…

Wow, how did I miss that? :confused: :blush:

I’ll edit my post.

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Thanks so much! I will give that a try and see if that works…but it makes sense. I had a similar situation with some other software; the D/L was for both, the code locked it out to the SE level.

Thanks, again.

I can explain why you might have replied that way. When I first posted my query, I mistakenly said that I had upgraded from Cubase Artist 6.5 to Cubase 7…I forgot to put “Artist”. I posted it, saw my mistake and then edited it. You must have seen it in between the time I posted and edited it (it was several minutes) so then your reply would have been quite right! :slight_smile:

Mystery solved. :wink:

Ahhh … good! I’m not going crazy. I must have been typing my reply as you posted your edited version. Otherwise your original post would show a “last edited …”

As far as the trial version is concerned, I would just try the authorization code in the eLCC and see what happens (as JClosed suggested).