How to use external instrument to play vst instruments

Very new to music production so please pardon me for what might be a very trivial question.

Downloaded cubase 12 ai after getting license with purchase of Steinberg ur22c. Is there any way of playing vst instruments using my external Yamaha keyboard with this version of cubase?



Sure, there is. You have to connect your Yamaha keyboard to your computer via MIDI. Kindly search your Yamaha manual for instructions how to do that.

Cubase by default recognizes all MIDI sources that are available in your OS (Windows or macOS).

If you play VST intruments you might encounter a small delay between hitting a key and hearing a sound. We call this latency and its duration is dependent on your audio interface’s ASIO driver.


Nowadays the connection is going to be done by USB cable most probably.

Very helpful. Thanks for all your responses.