How to use Full Bucket Vocoder in Cubase?

I’ve been using the TAL vocoder for a while, but wanted to give the FBVC a try. Can’t find any tutorial which can be applied to cubase. I have wav files both for modulator and carrier. I believe the vst has to be used as an effect in the modulator channel, but it doesn’t see any input for the mike. When used as an effect in the carrier channel, I see something happening on the ext input, but I don’t know how to route the voice channel (modulator) into the vocoder.

I dont know this plugin, but since it is available as a VST3, the common way would be to insert the plugin on the carrier track and use the sidechain to feed it the modulator. At least that is how e.g. Melda’s MVocoder works.
If it doesn’t have sidechain input, things are going to be more complicated. Some VST2 vocoders worked by sending both carrier and modulator into a group channel with the plugin inserted and panning them hard left and right.

Thanks fese, you set me off into the right direction.
The voice channel needs the FBVC as an insert and the carrier must be fed into the side chain. It appears both must be stereo channels.
The TAL vocoder I’ve been using before is indeed one that needs a group.