How to use HalionOne in C6? Cannot locate content.

First off, I checked out the help pages for this, but it was of no use.

I first thought to not bore everybody off by writing on this Forum about this issue, but then I thought that there maybe others having the same problem with HalionOne in Cubase 6, so this might be helpful.

Please read the mail below that I sent via Support Request Form. I actually don’t expect them to answer me so there’s another reason writing on the Forum :slight_smile: Hope you could help!

"Hi !

I found your help page for using HalionOne on Cubase 6. For starters it says “We’ve included / moved / whatever HalionOne to Haluon Sonic SE in Cubase 6…” etc. and after it, it reads: “If you still want to use HalionOne then For Cubase 5 users you can copy this and that to etc. etc.”.

First off, what do Cubase 5 users have to do this for?? Isn’t HalionOne already installed in it? For me it was. So I’m obviously a Cubase 6 user and would like to use HalionOne for some operations. Isn’t this help page supposed to be for them (C6 users)??

Anyway, I couldn’t find a folder named “VST3 Presets” on where that page suggests. Also the HalionOne’s CONTENT / PRESET LOCATION (or whatever) in the upper left side shows nothing except for a folder icon without a name and nothing in it.

So: WHAT do I need to copy and WHERE in order for HalionOne to show some content for me to choose from?

I right-clicked on the HalionOne window and it DOES show an option: “Locate Content” and when I point it to that folder where I installed the HalionOne content during the SETUP process, then nothing still happens. I mean no content appears in the Presets list.


1 first place… Cubase 6 don´t have Halion one… now Steinberg put Halion sonic SE to replace that plugin!

For correct this issue, i had copy VST3 Presets from Cubase 5 folder to Cubase 6 folder… afther that i had open halion folder (in vst presets folder) … and like a miracle :smiley: i have all halion one presets in Cubase 6!!!

Please do that and send me some feedback :wink:

Big hug

Just making sure I’m getting you: I can use the new Halion sonic SE to utilise all the old presets from HalionOne? Or do you need the actual VST instrument so you have HSSE and H1 installed and they both appear as vst instruments?

This is from the Cubase 6 ReadMe.pdf on the installation disc:

HALion ONE: This VST Instrument is no longer installed by default and has been replaced by the VST 3 instrument HALion Sonic SE. If you have Cubase 5 or Sequel still installed on your system, HALion ONE will be available in Cubase 6. If you install Cubase 6 with no prior Cubase 5 or Sequel installation available on the system, HALion ONE will be unavailable.

However, you may want to install it if you want to load Cubase or Sequel projects using it, or if you use content sets requiring this VST instrument (e.g. VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers).

To install HALion ONE, start the Cubase installer via the Cubase Start Center from DVD, use the “Customize” button and enable HALion ONE. Please note that even though HALion ONE and its content will be available after that, no VST presets will be installed! It is just provided to ensure project compatibility. Please change to HALion Sonic SE for creating new projects. The HALion ONE sound library has been included in HALion Sonic SE, so none of your favorite sounds are lost.

OK, thanks… Now I understand. Should have read some manuals again :slight_smile: But ok! Halion Sonic is way better so no problem at all. Cheerz!

Cool, that’s all I needed to know!