How to use MIDI controller in Cubase 10 with UR44?

Normally with other interfaces you simply select MIDI input in the input and off you go.

But for added simplicity and convenience Steinberg added 16 more steps to this process. I just don’t know them. Nor can I figure it out. I failed my rocket science classes.

I can’t play anything from my synth.

Please help.

So you have connected your symth via midi to the UR44.

What do you think are the 16 necessary steps?

In cubase, do you see any midi port that referres to the UR44?

I assume you have the Yamaha USB Driver installed?

Yes, I have all the drivers installed.

The keyboard makes a sound, I can hear it in headphones plugged into it so midi goes in and out ok.

It’s just the audio gets lost somewhere within the deranged routing innards of UR44. I need to fish it out like a psychiatrist fishes out necessary information from a crazy rambling patient.

Ok, got it solved. Had to read 100 threads of UR44 users complaining about the same issue (good job Steinberg!). Jesus Christ… /facepalm

Solution (none of the other threads have it written clearly):

  1. Create an additional audio track.
  2. Set the input of that track to audio inputs that the synth is going to (create audio bus in the studio connections section if not done already) like 3-4 or 5-6 and output to stereo out.
  3. Turn the direct monitoring button on the new audio track on.

The steps 1-13 I omitted are just connecting/reconnecting everything, playing with settings, reading forum, asking forum, getting mad, putting UR44 for sale on craigslist, removing it from craigslist, yelling at it, cussing at Steinberg etc, getting drunk, punching UR44 etc… just the regular troubleshooting stuff…

Hi you - as soon as you have calmed down please try to understand what I am telling you:

First of all I am glad for you that it works now. At the same time you might want to question your general approach/way of thinking:

Are you aware that your orgiginal question gave NO hint what problem you are actually fighting? You are talking about “midi controllers” while in fact you have an audio-routing problem.
Could it be that you are lacking basic knowhow about midi, audio and especially the idea of direct monitoring? It is NO SHAME to lack this knowledge, but to be aware that this is the case could help.
You bought a decent piece of gear - the UR44 - and reading the manual (which I did) shows that it is sophisticated - because of the internal routing capabilities, the DSP onboard processor, and the option to have direct monitoring available. Have you been aware that what you consider a problem is around the unique features/advantages of this product?
did you get informed about the underlying concepts before buying the product? If no - why not? Did you take your time to read the manual (it is strikingly clear - I have read it).

Why am I telling you all this? Because if you need help you have got to ask good questions. Sometimes one cannot phrase the question, because knowledge is missing. In these cases a detailed description of the problem is the way to go.
and as a side remark: Cubase and especially the UR44 are not the “knowing how to swipe is sufficient”-type of products. Getting informed of what one is stepping into and looking forward to the journey of learning is key for success and not getting disappointed.

Good luck!