How to use MIDI Pitch Bend data in my Expression Map?

How can I add a MIDI Pitch Bend value to a Playback Technique in my Expression Map?

e-instruments’ Cremona Quartet Stradivari Cello uses Pitch Wheel values to switch between Legato, Staccato and Spiccatissimo samples when using its “Virtuoso” multi-technique mode.

If I understand correctly,

A value of “0” = staccato
A value of “1-126” = legato
A value of “127” = spiccatissimo

I see that Pitch Wheel data is recorded in Dorico, and shows up in the MIDI CC lane “MIDI Pitch Bend” in Play mode, and the instrument responds as expected, but I don’t see how to add this type of data to my Expression Map.

Did some searching, but couldn’t track down this information. Apologies if it’s already been addressed elsewhere.

:open_mouth: Someone must have something to say about this? Am I alone in left field here? (Would not be the first time)

It’s not currently possible to add pitch wheel events in the expression map.

Ok, thanks Paul! I’m hoping this becomes possible, as it’s being exposed as an articulation control for libraries like Cremona Quartet.

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Damn, just found this having bought Native Session Horns Pro - in which falls seems to be controlled by Pitch Wheel. Hopefully there’s a way around it, but would hope this could be integrated into Expression Maps in the future!

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For a more classic use, VSL Synchron Player only allows local detuning of notes with Pitch Bend messages. Being able to send Pitch Bend messages as Add-On techniques would make wind simulation a lot easier.


Is it possible to import midi which includes pitch wheel data without losing that data?

I believe that data is preserved, yes, and you should see it if you choose MIDI pitch bend in the automation lane in Play mode.