How to use more Ram with Cubase 7 64 bit

Hi Guys

I’m using Cubase 7.0.6 and when I’m working witch many Vst’s midi’s and audio i can see that cubase using only up to 3 gb of my ram memory

I have 32Gb of ram and i dont understand why cubase 64bit is using less ram than 32bit version ?

Please Advice

Are your Windows and VST instruments also 64 bit?

yes most of then are 64 bit

I do know what you mean, BUT, sadly you can’t load samples or audio into RAM like say with Pro Tools.

At least I don’t know how to do this…

That would be a nice feature!

You can turn off streaming in your VST’s so that they load the samples in memory which may take a few seconds longer but worth it!

True you can load samples into RAM in Halion Sonic SE. Sadly that’s a small amount though.

If only you could load whole sessions into RAM :frowning:

Have you tried increasing the “Disk Preload” setting in the VST Audio System?

Well, if that is of great concern to you, consider upgrading to Halion’s full version.

I don’t think that Halion 5 would be a make any difference.

I don’t actually use Halion, but if I can do it in Kontakt, I’m pretty sure Halion too can load everything into RAM.

Haven’t tried it (yet) but I’m sure creating a ramdisk would benefit.

Once I put 128GB in mine, I will be trying it out but that won’t be for another year…lol