How to Use Multiple Instruments from Various Libraries?

Hi all,

I recently upgraded to Dorico 4 and was wondering if anyone has a solution for using multiple instruments/VST/soundfont files in a single composition? I was able to do this on 3.5 and have included an image to show the differences.

I am not yet well-versed with Dorico (switched from MuseScore last fall). What I am trying to accomplish is setup an SATB with piano accompaniment. This is how I am attempting to setup the file:

Soprano and Alto - EastWest Symphonic Choir - Women’s Word Builder
Tenor and Bass - EastWest Symphonic Choir - Men’s Word Builder
Piano - NotePerformer 3 - Piano

I have all of the appropriate sounds downloaded, I just cannot get them to “go” where I want them. I have been working on this since earlier July.

On 3.5, I could set the file directly by clicking on the individual parts as the image below shows:

Dorico 3.5

Dorico 4 is laid out differently and I am unsure where to go, I have tried some of the other options but with no success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This is the image from Dorico 4 so that you may see the differences between the two versions:

Dorico 4

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I think what you’re looking for is on the left of that screen. Click Routing. If you need to add VST instruments then I think it’s VST Rack. I hope this helps.

Thank you, @DanielMuzMurray.

I did try that; Routing appears to have only one option and when I add another in the VST Rack, it does not appear to work like 3.5. How may I select the individual part and apply a specific sound?

Thank you for your reply.

When I do it, I make sure whatever VST I want to use is added in the VST rack, then I select the track that I want changed, click the Routing, and choose it from the dropdown menu.

See #2 VST Instruments menu

In the VST rack, you need to add an instance of Play for each voice that you want, and one of NP. Then, in Inspector, click the top (routing) panel and use the dialog found there to assign it to the voice you want. Note the gear symbol (next to the big e). If you click on that, you can rename the instance so that it is easily identified.

In Dorico 4, the VST Rack shows you all the VSTs that have been created for use in that document.

The Routing panel shows you which of those VSTs is in use by the selected instrument. You can change it to any of the VSTs in the Rack.

If you create your own Playback Template, then the assignment of VSTs to instruments will be done automatically.