How to use multiple outs on the virus ti with cubase 7.5

I used to be able to use all 3 outputs of my Ti snow. But now I can only use one at a time?? I open the virus as an instrument with f11 and set all outputs active. It seems that the Ti is opening up as an instrument track so I can only use it on that track. Before I would just open a few midi tracks and set the output to the virus and the corresponding midi channel and that was it. I could also see outputs 1-3. Now I don’t see them?? Is there some new way to open an instrument like the virus ti?

**Mine works the same way…

Add (F11)
Make sure all 3 Outputs are enabled
Add Midi Track
On the Virus Panel select which USB out you are routing to
On the track inspector change the instrument to the corresponding output of the Virus Ti


You should have 3 outputs, the same as before.

What I was trying to say but didn’t come across right was…before I could have a few midi tracks that were routed to the different parts of the TI. Now you can only do one at a time so it defeats the purpose of using it multitimbral.

I found that cubase isn’t able to let you route any midi track to synths that are open. This sucks really bad.

You can still play different parts. :confused:

Maybe i’m confused here but I use different sounds on different channels all the time in the Ti.
Did you look at the picture I posted? U can even see several Midi Channels there.


Ok I get what you are saying and it works but what I don’t see is output 1,2 & 3. You have to switch to whichever you want. In cubase 5 it showed all outputs