How to use my license with new PC ?

I just bought a new PC that got broken in a few days.
But I have installed a Cubase. Now I use my old notebook to write music till new pc comes.
How can I use my license?
When my new PC will come im going to delete Cubase from notebook.

If you have your license on a dongle, simply plug the dongle into the computer you want to use Cubase on and you’re good to go.

Hello there again.
Finally have a good brand new working PC.
I dont have any dongle. I have my ur22 card, box and this piece of paper with Download information.
Can I use somehow my license on new PC?
I have bought already 2 same ur22 in two years. But changed my pc. So i dont have license information, cuz this product was activated on first new PC. As I said - it was broken and i sended it back.