How to use NotePerformer alongside another VST?

That’s good to know - thank you! Makes me wonder if I should try another angle - simply treating Sketch instruments as if they were a permanent part of the regular template (with their own and unique MIDI port/channel assignments) and saving them along it. I didn’t get a chance to try it out yesterday, hope today is the day!

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Yeah that’s what I did here, works well. One they’re easy to mute. Two, I once tried doing a sketch by just having a score with greatly reduced parts, but then there’s too much mixing between sketch and final. Three as mentioned, putting NotePerformer on it removes having to think about MIDI which is what you want! And psychologically having it clearly differentiated is a good method. And actually you don’t have to mute - just switch between the scores and playback only includes the notes from that score. Much cleaner.

Also depending on your library, you’ll want multi voice instruments which you may or may not have. NP has this, so you can do multivoice on the sketch and it’ll all work fine. Really its a clean and beautiful solution I’m eager to try (and get off the damn forum! :grin: )

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OK I’ve started using it …

The new Sketch instruments seem fine, for example I can create multiple voices for the choirs which is good for sketching on one line

However the Percussion only appears to support one voice, and snare drum at that. With NP you can play/hear different instruments as you play different notes, but it all maps this this one line, and I can’t seem to add different simultaneous notes.

Well need to think about that, maybe add a couple of them for this purpose and remap the NP VST. Something to consider as you set up your template.

Annnnd another suggestion. Typed notes are something I do all the time in a (previously handwritten) sketch - Shift-X is your friend here. I made a new Paragraph Style for it

Here’s the settings

Another advantage to a separated sketch line, you don’t want these notes leaking to the player.

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