How to use one instance of Groove Agent 5SE with multiple outputs and midi tracks please?

I am sorry if this question has already been answered here or in another forum, I did check but I think it may not have been.

I am totally new to Cubase Artist 11, and now I would like to work on some of my very old projects previously stored on floppy disk and converted into CPR files. That means that there is midi data in each song, but now no corresponding sounds coming from any VSTi in Cubase 11.

To begin, for my drum tracks which are kept separate, and each consisting of midi note data, I would like to use Groove agent 5se to provide ethe sounds, but I don’t want to load a unique instance of Groove Agent for every single drum sound in the track arrangement window.

I have learned that users working with Kontakt for example, have found a way to load only one instance of Kontakt onto the track arrangement window, and then create several subordinate midi tracks below it, with each track having a separate Kontakt sound routed to them from the main master instrument, because Kontakt can act as a rack within itself having an ensemble of sounds within one instance if that makes sense. In this way you can save on RAM and CPU and treat each Kontakt sound separately in the mixer and track window, without needing to run multiple instances of it.

Is there a way to do this precise thing with Groove Agent 5se please? I checked YouTube and there are many great tutorials, but all of them only show how to load one instance of Groove Agent onto the arrangement window, and then from that point onwards, the only discussion relates to making each drum sound in a kit route to the mixer channel, but nobody ever goes on to discuss or show how to create more subordinate midi tracks below the master Groove Agent instrument in the arrangement window?

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Hi Guys,

I worked it out. (I Think)

Once I created an instance of Groove Agent at the top of the arrangement window, I right then clicked it to create any number of subordinate midi tracks below which automatically relate to it as an instrument source.

Then, in the track inspector I ensured that the output of each midi track matched the selected output of each individual drum patch within the chosen drum kit inside Groove Agent 5, (there are many tutorials on how to do this from within Groove agent 5 or 5SE on YouTube).

And that is all there is to it apparently, and so, by doing this, you not only have control over each individual drum kit sound in the mixer of Cubase, but you can also add and manipulate midi events for each sound on the related individual tracks in the Cubase arrangement window, all without needing to load multiple instances of Groove Agent for each sound you need.

It sounds silly, but nobody actually stated that in all the tutorials I watched.

Any way I thought I’d try to explain my solution in case someone else has the same issue down the line, and if it turns out that I spoke too soon as may be the case, then I’ll come creeping back with my head lowered.

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Hi Cliff,

I just thought you need to know that you’re incredible wrong about having one instance of Groove Agent or Kontakt, etc to save RAM and CPU!
If you have a multi-core processor it’s better to use multiple instances because the load will be distributed across all the cores but if you only use one instance that instance does not use all the cores so puts much more demand on your processor!
In the early days I used only once instance like you but my PC was struggling.
Trust me, try it my way and the difference will blow your mind!
Hope this helps?
Kind regards
James Colah
PS. There’s another major advantage to using multiple instances but it’s too complicated for me to explain here, but if you want to chat about it, let me know?

Hello James

I am so sorry for this incredibly late response.

As you can imagine, most of my time is spent trying to wrestle with the vast amounts of information that exists regarding DAWs and music production.
I take on board what you have said, and although I don’t fully understand on a technical level what you mean, I am now more confident to load up multiple instances of an instrument instead of always insisting that I try to use one as multi-output rack instead.

This helps a lot, because multi output routing is not straight forward and can vary from instrument to instrument.

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Hi Cliff,

No problem.
Another major tip I can give you (if you don’t know already) is in Cubase go to Studio/Studio Setup/Audio System, and make sure ‘Activate Multi processing’ is ticked!
Also, in Kontakt go to Options/Engine and make sure ‘Multiprocessor Support’ is turned OFF!

Oh, I have one more major tip for you!
In Groove Agent, if you have a midi drum rhythm with various kit pieces playing on a single track, right click on that track and select 'Dissolve Part/Separate Pitches/Process. You will then see that each kit piece has been assigned a separate track so what you can now do is use what ever effects you like in the Inserts and Sends to enhance the sound of each kit piece. This is a huge advantage over assigning multiple outs because the problem with going the multi out route is that all the internal effects are disabled so you only hear the initial raw sounds but doing it my way you get the best of both worlds as you still have total control of all the internal effects and can use any insert/send effect too! :smiley:
Hope this helps?
Kind regards
James Colah

Think of GA as a shopping cart at a supermarket You could put all of your groceries into a single cart that goes through one lane. Or you could split them into 5 carts and go through 5 different lanes all at once.

This is interesting info. So are we saying if you have GA 5 full, its better to stay away from using 4 kits in one instance on GA, but instead load 4 tracks of GA with 1 kit in each?

Yes, in general you want to spread the load across all the CPU cores. This is not just GA, but Kontakt, Halion, etc.

That said it is not something that should be avoided at all costs. If putting several instruments on a single VSTi makes your life easier, you should do that. For example, with a string quartet you might want them all in the same place.

Hi nitrateaudio,
Yes, without a doubt!
The difference will blow your mind but make sure you follow the instructions I gave to Cliff above! :+1:

Kind regards

James Colah

thanks. now i am wondering why i bought GA 5 if SE was all I needed. :frowning:

Well, the full version of Groove Agent 5 is a much bigger beast which includes the Percussion Agent, sound design tools and many more sounds, midi files and features.

true. i should delve more into it’s sampler functionality.

Hi Jamescolah,

Thank you very much for all this information. (re: multiprocessing, Kontakt and Groove Agent). I will copy and paste the entire post into my notes app.

Thanks again,


Hi Raino,

I get that, thanks very much for your help,