How to Use Pattern MIDI Port


In GA 4.20, there is a button near the lower left titled ‘Use Pattern MIDI Port for Pattern Pads’.
When I highlight that button, key presses on my external MIDI keyboard no longer trigger the patterns.
Presumably this is because I need to route the MIDI to ‘Pattern MIDI Port’ (previously known as MIDI Port B in the docs) rather than to where it is currently going. However, there are no instructions on how to do this.

Could someone kindly explain this in enough detail for me to successfully use the ‘Pattern MIDI Port’’?

Also, I’d like to suggest that the GA 4 Operations Manual be expanded on this subject. Thanks.


After you have activated the button “Use Pattern MIDI Port for Pattern Pads”, there should be a new port visible in your Output Routing list on the midi track or instrument track you use called “Groove Agent - Pattern”. Select that for your output on the track. You can set up another midi track and select “Groove Agent - Main” for output from that track to play the instrument pads if you need too. Hope this solves your problem :slight_smile:

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