How to use quick controls with the channel strip

Hi, I have a midi controller with 8 knobs, I want to use them to control the EQ in the channel strip while still in the mixing window. I have got them working but the problem I have is I run out of knobs !. The EQ has 4 bands with 3 controls on each so does that mean I have to have 12 knobs or is there another way to do it?

I watched the video on youtube and I see that he was using one of those old Steinberg controllers, but that only has 8 knobs which is what got me thinking there must be another way ?

If you can help please do.


Quick Controls are limited to 8 controllers only.

You could use Generic Remote instead. In the lower part you would set: Mixer > Selected > Strip 3 EQ > parameter.

unfortunately, it seems only the strip eq is available with generic remote, none of the other modules.


If you want to reach/setup the other Channel Strip modules, you have to enable the module first. Then it appears in the Generic Remote Device list.