How to use "set for this flow" and "set for all flows"?

Hello all,

I am working on a piece for organ. I need 5 flows for it. In playmode I tried to set up for every flow another channel and I would give the singer that is also needed, a different registration, (new stops).
So I need another registration in every flow again.
I thought I could handle it with activating the knob “set for this flow”. At first it seems that it is ok, but after saving or going to something else in Dorico that knob is turned off and it has been set up again to “set for all flows”.
For sure I do something wrong, I looked and tried a lot, hours and hours, but I cannot find a stable solution. It would be fine if Dorico should play the whole piece and should turn on the new registration by itself. Oh please help me …
I use G-player for the organ samples and that works fine. I play them with the G-Player x64, of Soundlib. This was made after Tascam stopped with their Gigastudio version 4…
I now can play all the .gig files again. The organ samples are samples of the Notre Dame de Laeken in Bruxelles, recorded and edited by Peter Ewers. They sound very realistic.
I hope someone can explain me what to do to for a solution.
Thanks at forehand.
Joep Stappers

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Welcome back to the forum Joep - I think you’re probably not doing anything wrong. In Play mode, those buttons for “set for this flow / set for all flows” apply to the changes you make immediately after choosing one, they don’t necessarily reflect the current/prevailing state of the voice. If you’re confident you chose the right option and then changed the settings accordingly, those changes should still be active (even if the button doesn’t confirm that to you visually).

Wow … yes that can be the solution, I did it just reversed. Thanks.
I will try it later this evening.

Thanks a lot
Good luck


Thanks again. Sorry for not coming back soon after your message. Where can I find more info about ‘set for this flow’? The info above is already very important. But not clear enough for me.
Were can I find a manual?
Thanks at forehand.

This is one of the most confusing parts of the entire Dorico interface, in my experience. (One of several in the Play tab.)

As modifiers of actions that happen immediately after they’re clicked, both of those buttons should be off by default, and should return to that state immediately after the user does anything. They certainly shouldn’t persist in the on / highlighted state after some choice has been made! :confused:

Hello Milo DC, thanks for your reaction. I am happy that I am not the only person who does not fully understand the ‘set for this flow’. For me it is important that I can change the channel per flow. It is about the organ. The first flow plays on the Grand Organ stops/registers. I reach the stops on channel 1. In the next flow I want to use stops from the Organ Positiv. (Second manual mostly). That is triggered on channel 2. Sometimes it works really good, but changing the channel on the 2th flow changes also the channel of the 1st flow … :worried: I hope someone can help me. Thanks a lot at forehand
I hope the programmers in Dorico pay attention to this problem, to ‘set for this flow’. It opens so much new opportunities and possibilities for making music.

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Frankly, it’s pretty bad UI design, in my opinion. (“Jank,” in the parlance of Martin “Tantacrul” Keary.)

It would be fine for the buttons to indicate scope, but it should be clear which parts of the UI are affected by that scope. (It would also be nice if the buttons retained state as the user left and returned to the Play tab.)

Moreover, I don’t even know why there are two buttons. Why isn’t it simply a toggle? I mean, you can affect either all flows, or the current flow, right? Not both at once, and not neither.

The relevant page in the manual is here, for reference.