How to use the comman "To Marker X" in a macro


How exactly would you use this command in a macro. For instance I’m trying to jump to marker 17. You can add the “To Marker X” command to the first line of the macro, but then how do you input the number for a second line? I can’t find a command that allows recording of a keypress.


You can’t, because after the KC “to marker X”, you have one second or so to type in the actual number of the keycommand you want to snap to.
The number you type in is no part of the Key Command structure.


Hi Fredo-

Thanks for the reply. Is there another way to access additional markers? It seems sillythat there is a limit to 9 markers one can access via a macro.

Thanks again for your help!

I know this is a serious longshot, but perhaps see if there are any macro-programmable keyboards that allow you to execute part fixed part flexible marcos…?

With all respect, but allow me to reverse the question.
How many scenarios can you imagine where you need a macro for going to a specific marker (say 199)?
If you can explain your “case”, we might be able to help you a bit, but for now, I can’t see any use out of it.