How to use the Elastique Tape algo without changing tempo

I am a big fan of the Elastique Tape algorithm and what it does, however, I feel that is very limiting that I have to change the tempo of the whole song to actually use this algorithm.

So I might for example want at some point in my piece to have a “tape slowdown” effect. I can select the audio files in the pool and select Tape algorithm, however, in order to activate it I have to change the tempo of the piece at that specific moment. This is rarely desired and especially if you are working with video, this is going to mess up with all the marker tracks and tempo changes I have created.

Is there any other way to use this algorithm without changing the tempo of the piece that I am not aware of?

Thanks in advance !

Thanks for the reply, I actually have this plugin, however I like Cubase’s algorithm better sounding and I found that I cannot get the result I want (rhythmically) from this plugin fast.

Any ideas about Cubase’s very own algo?

Offline Processing the clip might be an option. Modifying the clip in another project and Importing to a track in Linear Mode may be an option, also.

Offline processing sounds good but how? Pitch Shift only has the MPEX options as far as I remember.

Okey doke, Steinberg, can we have an automation track which controls the ‘tempo’ of the individual track please? Then we can real-time slow down or speed up just the audio on one track. Nice :mrgreen:


You know, you should work for Steinberg :smiley: :wink:

Actually, I wouldn’t mind, if they let me work from home!

Here’s another suggestion which might help. I quite often move a bunch of clips to the end of the project then tweak the tempo track for pitch effects, then export or bounce the effect, then copy back to the middle of the song. Saves me messing with the tempo map of the song…