How to use the FlexPhrases?

Difficult to use them…what phrases are suitable for chords or not?
Depends on the instrument you use ?: you do have the chordal instruments or not, like : guitar, piano ( but these instruments playing also solo ( melody )
So what phrases are melody phrases and what are chord phrases?
You can go further and make a distinction in chordal or not cordal instruments for the flexphrases
As i can see it now : Bass, Brass and Drums are not chordal instruments

There are 3 types of triggering the flexphrase

  • a drum phrase … any trigger note …that’s easy to understand
  • a phrase ( not drum ) is triggered by a note and it octave notes …this is than a not chord phrase
  • a phrase triggered by one note and other chord notes … the phrase changes harmonically

Than you do have also chord seq and synth seq …are these only for chordal use ?

As you can read i don’t know what all phrases standing for :confused:

I like to see this more userfriendly …the chord or not-chord phrases are marked with their length
So Steingerg should thi smake more userfriendlt in my opinion

I’d recommend the chorder or arpache to you.
The thing about the flexphrases that sucks the most,
is that you can’t merge them as midi-files on a track.
So no further editing is possible. What makes them a little
useless in my opinion.

But for your request:

They are already listed in categories (instruments).
So as long as you do not use a percussion phrase on a melodic
instrument it might fit. You just gotta listen to it and decide for
yourself. No one can take that decision from you as it depends on
your taste and creativity.

Yes i use already the chorder …
Yes, you are right, the flexphraser is only usable at he moment with trigger notes.
Steinberg thinks that this way of composing is enough to use the flexphrases ?

It should be better that as user you get the choice to work with triggered notes first and convert this to midi notes too if he/she likes.

Yes this would be awesome: i can use than midi phrases!

But the construction of the flexphrases seems to me a complicated soundconstruction in Halion and perhaps there is no midi translation of the flexphrase possible…i think so ?

Strings, Brass, woodwinds and percussion(classical instruments) + bass don’t play individual chords on the instruments, so it make the choice for melody and chord phrases smaller
Piano, guitar are chordal instruments

Well i don’t know what to think of the flexphraser.
It is necessary to building for sounds in Halion4 , but is it invented for songconstruction in Cubase 6.5 ?