How to use the Groove Agent as just a MIDI sample player?

I got GA5 and the Simon Phillips Studio Drums all installed and working.

My question now: How do I simply load the samples for MIDI playback? I don’t care for the grooves. I’ll be hand-sequencing the drums in Logic or maybe even connecting in a MIDI kit.

All I want is to load the Simon Phillips kit up so when I play the MIDI notes it plays the sounds.

Not seeing anything like that so far. It’s all tied to the built-in grooves.

Right click on an Agent’s Kit and load without patterns. You can also drag any Audio file from Windows File Explorer onto a GA5 Pad.

From inside the browser there’s an icon one can toggle to load kits without the patterns.

You can also toggle the loading of patterns in these spots. If they’re bright yellow, patterns will be loaded. If grey, patterns will not load.

There’s also a one button solution to disable any/all loaded pattern pads.

If you want to load a kit with patterns, but have your DAW ignore them until they’re needed, you can simply change it to use an unused channel, or you could also have it only listen for the pattern events over a special new port. They’d just sit there out of the way until you made and attached a new track to use them (independently of the kit pads).

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