How to use third party VSTi's in cubase

Hi guys,

I recently purchased superior drummer. For some reason after installation cubase cannot seem to find the program when it system scans. I’ve tired updating the plugin information and it still doesnt show up in the plugin window. This is driving me nuts, ive had issues before with cubase not being able to find plugins, and by pure fluke sorted it out by moving the files into various plugin folders. Can anyone tell me what the actual protocol is? Can anyone tell me what the proper folder location to install VSTi’s and plugins is? Maybe im being a 'tard but i cant seem to find the section in the operation manual where it talks you through the process…

cheers guys

Can anyone tell me what the proper folder location to install VSTi’s and plugins is?

You might have 2 options when installing…let the program choose it’s basic install folder and then when it asks for the vstplugins folder you should probably decide on one and install all vst2 to that folder (but multiple folders still works)
For 64bit this could be program files\vstplugins or program files\Steinberg\vstplugins but could be anywhere you choose. The important thing is you know where it is/they are and in plugin information this path/s is/are listed under the vst2 plugin folders tab.

If this is all correct and you still don’t see the plug, from the start menu open Steinberg\Cubase (your version)\User settings data folder and check the VST2xBlacklist Cubase.xml (open with a text editor like notebook)
If it’s listed, delete this xml completely and start Cubase again and it will try to scan again…if it keeps adding the plug to the blacklist there is a problem with compatibility…are you using latest updates, is it 64bit compatible??

thanks muchly dude!! checked the vst2.x path information and realised i hadnt put it in any of the valid path directories. so i just moved the file into one of the files listed and hey presto, it works now!! nice one duder.

Glad you found it. That was going to be my suggestion, had it not been given already. Whatever you do, DON’T click ‘Reset’.

I mistakenly did, and had to reset most of my paths again. :confused: