How to use toggle switches for insert plugins parameters?

In the remote control editor for each plugin I can add upper and lower switches in each cell, and map them to specific parameters.

But how can I access those switches from the remote API? In the documentation I only see the method HostPluginParameterBankZone.makeParameterValue(), which will map the control to the main knob of each cell, not the additional switches.

The HostPluginParameterBankZone.makeParameterValue() indeed creates one parameter. You can proceed with adding as many as you like so that what you have defined in the remote control editor is properly assigned to your controls. For example, if you have 8 parameters for your knobs, and say, another 8 parameters for buttons, and you have them in the remote control editor in two 8-cells rows, you can create a total of 16 parameters, and assign them accordingly to your controls.
Furthermore, you can follow this logic and proceed with as many as needed “banks” of these 16 cells, so that you can cover additional knob/button style parameters.

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Thanks for the feedback!
Yeah, I’ll probably do as you suggest, although the lower/upper switches had some interesting options for dealing with buttons, like increase/decrease stepwise.