How to use treble-bass clef in midi(instrument) track

Hello, I am a beginner

In Cubase Pro,

In instrument or midi track, only either treble or bass clef can be used (not both together)

But I want to use treble and bass clef together, becsause it is much better for me to insert notes there

By the way, when I import piano score (via xml format) into Cubase track
there treble and bass clef are shown all right

So, how can I use treble and bass clef in instrument track or in midi track

Thank you and please help me


What do you mean by “together”, please? Do you mean to split it to two staffs like the Piano music sheet? Or do you want to be able to switch from the treble key to the bass key and back in one staff?

Hello, Martin
How are you, Martin

I mean the first one. split it to two like Piano sheet

I can switch, which I don’t want


Sorry I’m not at my DAW now… Your can do so in the Score Settings > Split.

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Dear Martin

Right, that’s the option I am looking for
You solved my question
Now I can enjoy piano-like staffs
Thank you so much and have a nice weekend, Martin
See you again

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