How to use two sets of monitors

I have a new set of KRK’s besides my Alesis Monitor one.
I want to use them both for monitoring but…

Okay, My onyx interface has 10 outputs, so the Alesis is on my main out and I to connected
the KRK’s to output 3 and 4.
In the VST connections I add a bus and it works.

Now normally I just have one output channel in Cubase where I put the masterchain effects.
Now I have two output channels in my mixer. But I just want one output channel to work on.

How do you guys do this?

I thought about a groupchannel and then route that but I hope there is a more elegant way to this.

Greetz Dylan.

Once more a task for the control room.

Ah offcourse! Forgot abou that one, actually never used that.

I use a passive volume and monitor switcher, combined with the control room.
I like to have a large volume control to change the level.

Like these>

I can vouch for the SM Pro Audio ‘M Patch 2’. Great (and affordable) piece of kit! :sunglasses:

Nah…I don’t want to spend money on that…Right now…So I go for the ITB solution :slight_smile: