How to use VCA on tracks with pre sends?

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I’m adjusting the level of a few instruments & vocal. Some of them have presends. But the issue is using a VCA to adjust level alters the amount of send going into pre-sends.

I’m using C12 pro

It doesn’t, here : VCA tracks don’t have any send controls to do this and the fader itself rightly controls the relative faders placement for all the linked channels associated to the VCA, not the send levels ones.

What can happen, though, is that the Send option is activated in the Link Group Settings window. In this case, changing a send level control in one of the linked channels also affect the send level amounts in the other ones.

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Thanks will try this shortly and get back to you

So I think i worded my Question wrongly. I want to be able to Adjust the level of tracks & FX channels (including presends) without changing the relationship between them. For example, Group 1 has a few pre sends, but altering the fader changes the amount of signal going into the presends. which ruins the mix.

@Romantique_Tp any idea if this is possible, you usually have the solution to my ideas :grinning:

Set sends to “post” rather than “pre-fader”?

Im using Pre fader for parallel compression where i want to compress the original signal rather than the post fader one. The only thing i can think of would be post sending from the original channels rather than sending from the group, but that wont work with instrument tracks

Just use more groups then.

Do as you have until now with source tracks sending to FX pre-fader, but route the output of both source tracks and FX tracks to a new group track and change level there.

And if you have a group that you’re sending from pre-fader the same thing applies; just output from that group and the FX track to a new group.

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