How to use VSL MIR Pro 3D with Dorico

I have got SR articulations working VSL VI players in Dorico 5, and it works very well.

Is it possible to use SR articulations with VIs hosted in VEPro 7 from within Dorico?

The reason I want to do this is so to use MIR Pro 3D, which is only available with VEPro 7 - or could this be accessed from the VIs within Dorico?

You can certainly insert the MIR plugin into a slot in the Dorico mixer. If you insert the MIR plugin on multiple channels, it will all feed into one MIR instance.

“One MIR instance” might be misunderstood to mean all the audio is lumped together.

MIR is designed to work under a single interface but it processes multiple audio feeds at the same time independently of each other and positions them independently of each other.

So yes, you can insert the MIR plugin on multiple channels and position them all independently of each other and put them through different halls etc if you wish. MIR behaves more like it is separate instances for each channel, even though it is just one instance.

Yes, but how? It does not show up as an available plug in Dorico, like it does in my MOTU DP?
See picts
Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 21.36.21

You don’t seem to have a VSL tab or even a Steinberg tab…Can you scroll down that list past the letter R? Have you checked the VST plugin window in Dorico Preferences? If you’re on a Mac you might try running Dorico in Rosetta mode.
Screen Shot 2024-05-27 at 4.09.37 PM

Yeah the thing that is confusing with the VST list in Dorico is that there is an invisible scroll bar - you can scroll down and there are more things past “Reverb Foundry”, it just isn’t obvious that you can.

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