How to use VST Quick Controls for Effects?

I just realized some of my effects actually come with some quick control parameters (VST), however I cannot find any way to access them and Cubase just uses the controls on the Instrument for that track.
I do not want to use Track Quick Controls, I use them for other things, so I would very much like to be able to use these VST quick controls.

Is it even possible? (Without MIDI learn, that is already not “Quick Controls” IMO).


The VST Quick Controls are working with the Instruments only as far as I know.

Hi, Martin.
Thanks for confirming. This is a huge bummer. I was super excited when I saw this:

But I guess this is too much to ask for (even though you can see it shows as in focus…, which might be considered a bug?)

Use the Mapping Assistant in the new MIDI Remote Editor to configure your physical knobs as Focus Quick Controls. This will allow you to use them to control whatever plugin window is in focus, including VST effects. If you click the Project window, the knobs function like Track Quick Controls.


My friend, that is amazing.
I finally have ONE reason to use the new system over the old, Generic MIDI device one!

Thanks a million.