How to visualize overlayed note from multiple parts in dense orchestration

hello, I would like to find a way to easily see or switch between parts that are playing the same note in the same octave, they are kind of overlayed and you can’t see that there is 2 instruments or more playing that same note


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Would be using the Score Editor a possibility?

You could open the different Parts in different Windows so there is no overlap.

Or even the List Editor. Not for the actual editing, but if you had the Parts Open in the List Editor in addition to the Key Editor then you could easily see which ones were doubled. Not at Cubase to check, but I wonder if Selecting a Note in the List Editor would bring that Part to the front in the Key Editor.

how would you open the different parts in different key editor windows ?

Select the Part(s) and click on the desired Editor from the MIDI menu.

Is there a way to order the notes in their column in the list editor ?

I think I initially misread this as how to open a Part in different Editors. There is a Preference that controls if the Key Editor reuses the same Window or launches new separate Windows for additional. Sorry not at Cubase to give specifics.

Not that I’m aware of. I think its always ordered in the sequence it would be transmitted to a MIDI device. I assume you tried clicking on the column headers. But it does have filters so you can hide stuff.

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And… searching through preferences 2 times, I can’t find it. I know there is that option…somewhere…help?

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It’s there, something like « link editors » , not in front of the computer right now

Gives you this (random notes for this example):

(The image got shrunk on the upload - is there a way to avoid that?)


Yes, Editor Content follows selection needs to be unchecked.