How to warm up a digital sounding C2?

I have a Nord C2 (Cone wheel emulation) and although there are many things I like - principally the weight, but the sound to me is too “digital”.

I was wondering if I could run it through some valve gadget to warm up the sound - something I can loop into the audio out.

Anyone know of anything?



Have you tried Magneto VST plugin? If not, give it a go and see if it gives you the sound you’re looking for.

LA2A emulation

I’d simply use the channel strip, there are multiple options for warming under both “Comp” (compression) and “Sat” (saturation).

My personal preference for warming up all kinds of things is that nice Magneto II, which I drive really hard often - because, in my opinion, sterility and cleanliness doesn’t go to well with music. :smiley:

Hello Folks,
I should have masde this clear before (apols). Its for Live use, rather than in Cubase (yes I know its the Cubase forum, but oyu guys I respect).

I was thinking of getting some hardware with real valvesrather than the VST route

Maybe try a Leslie type Pedal? Some of them have built-in amp/distortion emulation.

Not really looking for distortion or Leslie emulation - thats build in. It’s the overall sound ts too sharp and crisp, needs vinalisation, analogisation.

Don’w want to do this digitally want to use real valves

Use your TLA Ivory 5051! Send a mono sum to it and bring it back. It should fill it out nicely.

If you want a new piece of gear, list your price range. With synths and keys I record here, I run them exclusively through a Pendulum Audio MDP1. Sounds really nice.

Get out your checkbook: