How-to? When recording I want external light to go to RED

Hey guys,

I’m playing around with lots of smarthome stuff lately and I had a nice idea. I’d like my recordingroom/vocalbooth light to go to RED, as soon as I hit the Record-button in Cubase.

Is there any way I could detect externally that I’m recording? Or trigger something from Cubase externally?

Trigger by midi. There used to be more devices like this for sale, nowadays it’s a kind of DIY thing.


Yeah, I’ve found that device as well, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

However, it does mean it’s possible! I only need some way to determine OUTSIDE of Cubase, that the recording has started.

You mean, without cubase generating a command from itself, seriously? If Cubase doesn’t generate the command Cubase is not even in play.

Just get a remote light switch that you activate from your phone using the home automation product you already use.

It’s not? Steve posted two options, one commercially available and one DIY, of devices that can turn an external light on when you’re recording in your DAW. It sure sounded like that was what you were looking for. Can you be more specific then?

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No, I don’t care if it comes directly from Cubase or if I have to read it from inside Cubase. As long as I have some kind of trigger visible OUTSIDE of Cubase.

Could be ‘visit an (ajax) website when you click record’ or ‘write a file’ or even ‘start a program’. But it has to be something I can trigger my software on.

And being in ICT myself… I’m not gonna fiddle manually with my phone, of course. I’m a nerd for a reason :wink:

I’d prefer to keep it software based and not have to build some hardware myself.

It’s just fun as a gimmick, but not essential for my studio.

You will not be able to turn any light on without some form of hardware.

what does that actually mean?

When you talk about software engineering you can do 2 things:

  1. Cubase could perform an action (write a file, send midi signal, start software)
  2. You could hook into someone else’s software with your own software and then read things

1 is from Cubase to the outside, 2 is from the outside looking inside Cubase.

Makes sense? :slight_smile:

The hardware is a smartbulb RGB. It works already in my Home Automation. I just need a trigger to decide WHEN to turn it on in which color.

I see.
I’m not familiar enough with Home Automation to say if or how it can be achieved, but HA must be able to receive MIDI. If it can, then you’re golden.