How to write fioritura (Unmeasured flourishes)

I’m trying to write a passage that has a flurry of notes that are unmeasured, but within a metered bar. The flourish takes place in between 2 beats. Does anyone know how to do this?

It seems like this could be done with grace notes; or, you could create an unmetered bar, and hide the time signature so it looks like the same meter as the previous bar.

Thank you for your response. I tried grace notes, but it doesn’t play back right. I want thirty-one 16th notes (Or 32nd notes, it doesn’t really matter) to take place in between two beats. Tuplets seem to play back correctly, but I don’t know the math for that. Could you help me figure that out?

When you say “two beats”, do you mean crotchets/quarter notes?

If so, then the tuplet ratio is 31:8x (31 sixteenth notes in the space normally occupied by 8). Info about tuplet popover entries/codes is here.

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That works, thank you so much!

You’re welcome! Tuplet ratios should be relatively simple: you just need to bear in mind that you can’t mix-and-match durations on either side of the colon.


In some cases like this I would turn on Insert mode (the new one that keeps extending the bar as desired), then hide the resultant time signature. Maybe not here.