How to write interval in Dorico

Hi, i search to write interval like (T, b9,3m, 5th etc) just under the notes i write. How to do that and if we can’t should you make this functionality in a next update of dorico. It’s very helpful for learning music. Thanks

Welcome to the forum, @Charly87. Do you mean the interval between one note and the previous one? In any case, Dorico doesn’t provide any features to automatically annotate music with the intervallic relationship between successive notes, but you could write these in yourself, perhaps using lyrics if you’re not using them already in your project?

Thanks for your fast response. I am a new user of Dorico and how to write text just near the note and not under the stave? Thanks.

If you’ve got Dorico Pro, you could add staff text and then move it in Engrave mode (which affects its graphical position on the page, not its rhythmic position).

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