How to write session info in a text file

Hi everyone.
I´m mixing for a TV show. I did the first episode in Pro tools just for the sake of compatibility between other sound guys but from now on i would like to make it all in Cubase, my main DAW,
The producer needs the session info in a text file, pro tools does this quite simple. Is there any way to reproduce this feature in cubase?

What it does is, it gathers all the info from the timeline, all events position, timecode, markers, plugins used, etc and makes a text file with that.
I only need to make this for the music tracks. not all tracks.

I tried the File - Export - selected tracks and saved XML, but the content is quite confusing and not what i am looking for, compared to the one made in Pro Tools.


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i searched the forum and only found this: Export a Text file of track (Track Data)


I’m afraid that Nuendo is the solution to this.

Is not worthed the upgrade right now.
Glad to know at least steinberg has an option on another product.