How to write tempo in notation layout

I’m trying to figure out how to have at the top of my score a dotted quarter note = 170 bpm. In other words, how do I put a dotted quarter note symbol in the text? thanks!

See operation manual p. 837.

Thank you! The only problem now is that in 12/8 Cubase is counting the BPM based on the quarter note not the dotted quarter note as it should be…

Yup. This has been requested for years.

ah-I guess I can at least change it in the score to reference the dotted quarter. In the full score, it’s showing the tempo marking above every part. Do you know if there’s a way to only put it at the top of the first page (like in a project layer or something similar).

Read the Working with Layouts chapter. Much faster than me explaining it… Note the “L” column in Score Settigns>Layout

Yeah, it seems to only go on the “project layer” with one instance per track. Or at least it is greyed out unless the green “P” is selected. I don’t seem to be able to put that symbol in any other way or on any other layer…
EDIT: even right clicking this and supposedly placing it on other layers-I don’t see a way to jsut get this up there at the top like I can with the Song title, etc…

In any case, thank you for your help! You have gotten me one step closer!

You have to be in Page view to use the Layout layer.

If you mean “Page Mode”, I am there…

To do what you want, you have to put the symbol in the Layout Layer, but you are putting in the Project layer.

Either use the drop down menu from the tool bar, or long press the symbol in its tab or palette to switch layers to the layout layer, which must be done in the Page Mode view.

Then, you will be able to use the the Score Settings>Layout dialog to check off the staves upon which you want the symbol to appear in that layout.

I answered in the other thread, but in short-putting this in Layout layer will not do the job. It will not give me the Tempo indication only at the top of the page (once) wether I’m in full score or individual parts.

Even after configuring which staves show layout symbols?

I tested it earlier before my previous reply, and it worked the way I described.