how to write un poco più moss with quarter note=90

I was not able to do so. It works with e.g. Andante x=80 but not with an un poco più mosso x=90.
What’s wrong here?

You cannot achieve this automatically just because Dorico treats “Mosso”—and its variants—as a “Relative Tempo Change”, and not as an “Absolute Tempo Change” like “Andante”. You could just type first “Andante x=90” and then, in the Properties panel, change its name to “Poco più mosso”.


Hi Albert.

Thanks for the hint. I will try this. Unfortunately Dorico in this early state is not very user friendly.
Hope this will get better in time.
Do you know if there is something like the X shortcut from Sibelius in order to flip stems or articulation from up to down or vice versa? To go the properties and click around is anything but comfortable.

The right-click menu has lots of adjustments different like these you find in the Properties Panel. To flip stemps, you can select the note(s) and right-click them > Stem > Force Stem Up/Down. Then, in order to reset this adjustment, you can use “Remove Forced Stem”, below them.