How to you split stereo out into left and right for panning?

I’d like to mix and pan the left/right outputs of my project independently. Is there a way to split the master stereo out, or any stereo out for that matter (e.g. a VST instrument stereo out) so I can pan independently. An example might be panning l/r of a sound all the way left and all the way right, respectively.

When you hover over a Panner two buttons will appear. The one on the right lets you change the Panner to Stereo Combined Panner. You can use this to independently set the Left & Right sides of your stereo signal anywhere within the Panorama, collapse it to Mono or even flip the Left & Right

Would you clarify what you are referring to? I only see what is shown in the attached image.

EDIT: I think I found what you were describing in the mixer. This doesn’t seem to do what I want. I want to have the separate mono L/R outputs and hard pan each independently. This just seems like a UI for stereo width(?)

Yes it is in the MixConsole. You can use it to achieve similar audio panning results to splitting the audio onto 2 different Tracks without the need add additional Tracks. But only for panning purposes. If you wanted to split the left and right and treat them differently, for example different inserts for each side, then you would need to split the audio left & right. But for just panning control the Combined Stereo Panner lets you place the left & right signals independently - just like a dual mono stereo configuration does.

What is your use case, what end result are you trying to achieve by splitting the left & right? Your example isn’t very informative since panning the left side hard left and the right side hard right is the same as a default Stereo Track using the Stereo Balance Panner panned center - all of the left signal goes to the left speaker and all the right signal to the right speaker.

Also are you using Pro or another flavor of Cubase?

All these configs pan signal hard left and right.jpg

I was thinking of panning an acoustic guitar’s audio left and right to leave a little bit of a gap in the middle.
I have Cubase Pro, and you’re right. That DOES look like what I want. The images helped. Thanks!

Ahhh, then you want to explore mid-side processing. Panning, in and of itself, won’t create space in the middle. Big topic to fully explore.

I had a mix last year that had an acoustic guitar, center and much too far in front. Mid-side tamed it right up.

Sorry for jumping in BUT the stereo combined planner and the dual planner are to different things.

And let us not even start with the wedding panners… :laughing: :mrgreen:

:laughing: it was corrected from my phone and I didn’t see it. (panner>planner) :blush:

Agree*. And they only produce the same* results when the Stereo Balanced Panner is set to the center and the Stereo Combined Panner is set hard left and hard right. At any other pan settings the results will be different between the 2 Panner types. The OP wanted to split the stereo signal so they could pan them hard left and hard right - which is basically what is occurring by default for both Panner types. So no need to split.

  • at least conceptually - I suspect by “dual panner” you mean the one with 2 pan controls, which in Cubase is named the Stereo Combined Panner so they literally are the same thing. I always get confused by which is which too - the names are not intuitive. :confused:

Stereo Balance Panner is not Stereo dual panner. Essentially stereo dual panner and stereo combined panner are the same, in the way they work and in the results they give. Stereo dual panner just isn´t in Cubase any more since a few versions (or just for remote controlled tracks).

Dual is actually a much more descriptive name than Combined imho. Did not remember it used to be called that.

Ot was not a different name for stereo combined, It was a 3rd panner mode in earlier versions.

Do you recall how far back? Would be interesting to check an old manual for how they differ.

Was there in the old mixer, and IIRC one or to versions with the new mixconsole. So C 7 or 8. In between it was then available for tracks controlled by a remote control device, then it was gone completely. Only thing they differed was, the dual panners were two single panners. With the stereo dual panners you can move a set stereo width throughout the panorama. With the dual panners you had to move each single panner to retain the stereo width setting.

So it had no advantage over the Combined one. And that explains where “combined” came from - it was combining the 2 separate panners into a single control. You said they coexisted for awhile, why?